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Perlite Filter Aid

AUSPERL perlite filter aids are produced in a full range of grades to economically meet the flow rate and clarity requirements of almost every industry. Perlite is a generic name for a naturally occurring siliceous volcanic rock. A unique property of perlite is that it expands up to twenty times its original volume when it is heated to its softening range.
This expansion process is caused by the presence of water in the crude rock. When perlite ore is rapidly heated to above 850c, this water vaporises and causes the softened rock to expand. Tiny glass like bubbles are produced which account for the light weight and exceptional physical properties of expanded perlite. It is these light weight glasslike bubbles that are milled and classified under stringent quality control conditions to produce perlite filter aids. This material exhibits a unique, jagged interlocking structure with myriads of microscopic channels affording optimum flow rates and clarities for a wide variety of applications. Perlite filter aids do not impart taste, colour or odour to liquids being filtered and they are virtually insoluble in mineral and organic acids at all temperatures. Solubility in strong alkalis varies depending on temperature and contact time.
Australian Materials, Australian Processed
AUSPERL filter aid is produced using local and offshore sourced perlite ore, processed in Padstow, Sydney. That means that we can deliver filter aid just in time minimising warehousing and distribution costs. Further as an Australian produce our prices are stable and not susceptible to foreign currency exchange.
Cost advantage
AUSPERL perlite filter aids provide the user with a density advantage between 20-50% over other filter aids which is an important consideration when comparing costs. AUSPERL perlite filter cake density is 110-270kg/m3. The dry density of perlite filter aid ranges from 100-200kg/m3. Experience in a variety of applications in many industries has shown that users of filter aids can substantially reduce filtration costs without sacrificing performance by converting to perlite filter aid
Usable with standard equipment
AUSPERL perlite filter aids can be used with both pressure and vacuum filtration equipment by merely replacing present filter aid. Plant or laboratory filtration studies will enable the selection of the optimum filter aid to be specified and the dosage that is required. Of special note is the fact that when AUSPERL perlite filter aids are used with rotary vacuum filters, filter cakes exhibit less cracking than when other filter aids are used.
High flow rates
Due to their unique physical structure, AUSPERL perlite filter aids offer high flow rates with optimum density. They are especially applicable to highly viscous liquids such as syrup of gelatinous slurries requiring fast flow rates. Productivity, clarity and flow rates may be increased through the use of AUSPERL perlite filter aids.
Full range of grades
AUSPERL perlite filter aids are produced in a full range of grades to economically meet the flow rate and clarity requirements of almost every industry. Grades produced are as follows: FA Grades
Easy cake release
Because they remain porous and do not compact, AUSPERL perlite filter aids afford easy cake release at the completion of the filtration cycle. Not only does this facilitate filter cleaning, but it reduces manpower requirements and increases productivity.
Inert-Codex approved
AUSPERL perlite filter aids are sterile and inert and are widely used for filtering liquids in the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries. They do not impart taste, odour or colour and are listed in the U.S. Food Chemicals Codex which is published by the National Academy of Sciences. This publication which is a source of information on the quality and purity of food grade substances, is officially recognised by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and has been adopted by many government agencies around the world. Filter Aid Trace Elements
Use of spent filter cake
A unique benefit to manufacturers using AUSPERL perlite filter aids in the food processing is that spent filter cake is used as a component in animal feed in many countries throughout the world. This reduces spent filter aid disposal costs. In the U.S., this application has been approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)
Filter Aid Applications

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